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Lena Marie

We believe everybody deserves cute, affordable, well-fitting clothes. At any size. We understand the frustration of boutique clothing only catering to one style and body type, so we set out to change that. Our goal is simple. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in everything you wear. Lena Marie isn't just a clothing boutique, it's a more confident, more inclusive, and more stylish way of life.

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Golden Gratitude Collective

Golden Gratitude Collective was started by Kat - a mom, a wife, and artist at heart. We believe that living a life filled with gratitude is truly a medicine for the mind, heart, and soul. Golden Gratitude Collective hosts their own original jewelry line and they proudly support other female US-based makers.


Vintage Valley Thrift 

Vintage Valley is a sustainable fashion business that promotes self expression through the styles of the past. They strive to advocate for eco-friendly fashion and demonstrate that you can still keep up with the trends, or stand out, through clothing that has been around for ages. All of their clothing is sourced independently from second hand stores and saves clothing  that will soon be sent to landfills. Inclusivity is also very important, so they want to show that we have something for everyone.

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Kendall's Kandles

Locally hand crafted, Kendall's Kandles combines the paring of candle-making and artistry to another level. From beautiful seashells, animals, and body figures, Kendall has handmade a beautiful piece to offer.

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