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What is the down time for a chemical peel?

You will leave your appointment with product on and unable to use moisturizer or spf for 4 hours. We recommend allocating 5-7 days to be out of the sun to allow for the sloughing phase to reveal your skin's improved texture and tone.

Are there any restrictions after getting my botox treatment?

Typical recommendations include remaining upright for four hours, and not engaging in any vigorous exercise.

What about restrictions for filler?

We ask that you don't manipulate areas of filler injection sites, including unnecessary touching to avoid movement of filler or any infection. You should expect to have some swelling and bruising for a couple days, with fully settled injection sites in two weeks.

Can you give me recommendations for skincare?

We would love to discuss your skincare goals and appropriate products for you. We can do this at a treatment appointment or book a consultation.

What are my options for tightening skin and rejuvenating my face, neck and chest?

Morpheus8 microneedling and RF technology is your best bet for skin tightening and rejuvenation. It also assists with texture, tone and acne scars, and other scarring you may have. Typical down time is 2-3 days out of the sun and using a gentle cleanser.

What can I do for my sun spots, melasma, and hyperpigmentation?

There are some skincare products to try and there are modalities. We can discuss options for your skin type in a consultation, and have more information to peruse on modalities on the homepage.

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