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Laser Treatments

Explore Shoreline Aesthetics' Laser Treatments. Unleash the power of precision and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it radiant and refreshed. Schedule your session for a transformative experience.

Laser Hair Removal

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal is an advanced cosmetic procedure designed to reduce or eliminate unwanted hair by utilizing laser technology.

What it Does


This treatment targets hair follicles, impairing their ability to grow hair. It results in a reduction in hair density and slower regrowth.

How it Works


The procedure involves the use of a laser that emits light energy, selectively targeting the melanin in hair follicles. The absorbed light energy transforms into heat, damaging the follicle and hindering hair growth.

Who it is For


Laser Hair Removal is suitable for individuals seeking a long-term solution to unwanted hair. It is effective on various skin types and can be applied to different body areas.

Results You Can Expect


Optimal results are typically achieved after 6-8 sessions, with hair regrowth becoming finer and sparser. Pricing is determined based on the treated area, and a deposit is required for booking.

Important Pre-Treatment Instructions


To ensure the best results, refrain from waxing six weeks prior to treatment. Shaving is acceptable, and the area must be shaved before the appointment to avoid additional fees.

Waxing Restriction: Avoid waxing the treatment area for at least six weeks before your scheduled session. Opt for alternative hair removal methods such as shaving during this period.

Shaving: Shaving the treatment area is permitted and recommended before your appointment. Ensure the area is cleanly shaved to achieve optimal results and avoid additional fees.

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